Style help for your most important moments


Special occasions punctuate the story of our lives. Often, the way we dress can strongly influence our experience of these key moments. 

The services listed below are primarily geared toward weddings, but I can help you with any major event you have coming up, whether it's a special birthday celebration, an important interview, or a grand opening.



You and yours have a thousand decisions to make leading up to the main event. Let me lighten the load by managing the wardrobe component. 

WEDDING WINGMAN - Starting at $1,000

This is a great, foundational package for anyone looking to reduce the stress of wedding prep. Together we'll plan outfits for you and your team, determining what look matches your personality, the event theme, and all concerned budgets. Then I'll help you source specific pieces, from shoes and accessories to the perfect suit or tux. I'll also keep you on task with reminders for important to-do items, like getting your haircut with enough time to let any "mishaps" grow out. Schedule a free consultation today. 

Team Coordination - Starting at $500

For when your groomsmen need wrangling (this is common). A big part of this is planning and double-checking their outfits to make sure they don't unintentionally photobomb your wedding. But it's also helpful to provide your team with a point-of-contact (me) for clothing-related questions in the months and weeks leading up to the big day. That way, you can focus on all the other stuff you have going on, and they get the support they need without feeling like they have to bug you with apparel issues. Contact me to learn more. 

Day-of Support - $750 plus Travel expenses

Preparation is important, but it isn't worth much if your execution misses the mark. Take your efforts to the finish line by having a style consultant on-hand as you suit up. In addition to dealing with any last-minute surprises, I'll make sure your entire ensemble is crisp and polished, and that you and your crew are all wearing your ties just right.

Ready to put together a plan? Get in touch and we'll sketch out the details together. 

Made-to-measure Options

If you're considering purchasing a suit for your wedding, then it's worth discussing going the made-to-measure route. This differs from off-the-rack in that a made-to-measure suit will be constructed from scratch just for you, ensuring that the sleeve length, shoulder width, and even shoulder slope match your body just right. To learn more, check out my Made-to-Measure page


"Aldan was critical in planning the guys' style for my wedding. He took a major set of tasks off my plate and managed me and the groomsmen expertly. I was a confident and happy groom, my groomsmen looked sharp, and we all meshed together nicely."

–Jared S, Green Building Consultant