Style your brand


Does your team's appearance match your company's professional identity? If not, I can help. Leverage style savvy to generate business, project the right messages about your organization, and attract great people.

Note: For business services, TurnStyle Sartorial partners with a select group of outstanding female stylists. Together we're able to offer guidance to both men and women in the workplace.



Wardrobe workshops

There's that one guy in your office who shows up looking sharp everyday. For everyone else, there are TurnStyle's professional workshops. We'll cover the fundamentals of fit and professional attire for both men and women, providing tips and resources that will not only benefit participants, but also convey an air of thoughtfulness and professionalism to potential clients. Fun, interactive, and tailored to your needs, this is a team training you'll actually enjoy. Get in touch to learn more. 

Brand alignment

What does your workforce wardrobe say about your organization? Is it working for or against your business efforts? I can help you develop a comprehensive style and wardrobe plan for your company so that you send the right message to clients and customers. Great for the service industry, but applicable to many others. Set up a time to discuss your brand's style today. 

Attract The Best

Looking for a unique incentive package for new talent? Get new hires started on the right foot by setting them up with a fresh new wardrobe. Sure, moving expenses are important, but they're not very exciting. If your company is in a competitive market for human resources, creative services like this could give your business an edge. Get in touch to schedule a consultation. 

Client Appreciation

You know how much your best clients are worth to you. Show your appreciation with a creative use of style expertise. With a gift certificate for any of my services for individuals, your most valuable customers will feel just that. Contact me to discuss options.