About me


I live in Seattle with my partner, Lilly (pictured below). For fun I like to climb and play ultimate frisbee. I'm also learning to swim, which is challenging because I'm not very buoyant. But I'm getting better. 

For the record, Lilly is anti-mullet

For the record, Lilly is anti-mullet




I grew up in the Deep South and moved to Seattle in 2006 to attend business school. After graduating, I worked as a business consultant for an environmental non-profit and then as a project manager for a recycling company. A few years later I co-founded a retail clothing shop called Hub and Bespoke. We used stylish apparel to make urban bicycling practical and attractive. Our business was predicated on the belief that clothing can both support and convey what's important to us. The same is true for TurnStyle Sartorial. 

My path to personal style

I was a late bloomer. I've also experienced a number of prolonged phases of physical awkwardness (my friends would say I'm still in one – ah friends). As a result, I spent several years trying to blend in. I was also a bit clueless about the nuances of personal style, including the importance of proper fit. 

What changed? I think it was a combination of experimentation and luck. Every once in a while, certain outfits just worked and people's response was positive. That felt good, so I started learning more. Soon friends were asking for help with their wardrobes, their weddings, their job interviews. 

WHY this work MATTERS

As I started putting energy into the way I dressed, I noticed a shift in how I felt about myself. Rather than trying to blend in all the time, I didn't mind standing apart, and the confidence that came from dressing nicely certainly beat the self-doubt that came from not trying.

That's why I started TurnStyle: to help people experience the benefits of a considered appearance. I know the value of this firsthand, and I enjoy helping others realize that value for themselves. 

Also, helping people dress well is just a fun way to make a living! 


If you're interested in style support for yourself, please check out my services page. If you're shopping for someone you know, gift certificates are available. Either way, please keep in touch by subscribing to my quarterly newsletter, where you'll find style-related tips, announcements, and even a dash of poetry.


"Dear Aldan, thank you so much for your help with our wedding attire. It was such a relief to know that you were thinking about the details and keeping us on task. We both agree that this is the most fun we've ever had thinking about clothing and shopping."

–Dave and Katie, Partners for Life