TurnStyle Sartorial provides style support for men looking to update their wardrobe, build their confidence, and improve their personal or professional lives.

My name is Aldan Shank, and I offer personalized services to help with whatever style challenges you may be facing. You might consider working with me if…

  • You feel like your clothing or appearance is holding you back from greatness, whether at work or in your social life
  • You hate shopping or you get overwhelmed when you do shop
  • You have a closet that is bare, uninspiring, or full of clothes you never wear or that don’t fit
  • You get anxious about what to wear in the morning or before an evening out
  • You have a wedding / presentation / interview coming up and need a solid plan for how to present yourself
  • You want to upgrade your look in order to feel more confident, sexier, more professional, or just plain happier

Most importantly, my work with you is a collaborative effort. I’ll take the time to understand your individual goals and create a plan that works for your budget and your schedule. In turn I’ll ask you for honest communication about your challenges, objectives, and hopes.

Check out the Services page to learn more about the specific packages that are available, or drop me an email on the Contact page to schedule a free assessment.

Thanks for your interest in TurnStyle Sartorial. I look forward to hearing from you!

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